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Solution Saturday: Culture in Two Words

Dear Dan, Can you address the key indicators of a culture of excellence and steps to establishing that culture for a school? Sincerely, Culture Builder Dear Culture Builder, Thanks for asking such a… Continue reading

7 Ways to Inspire Enlightenment with Curiosity

Wisdom is first seen in the questions you ask. Good questions inform. Great questions enlighten. 7 ways to inspire enlightenment with curiosity: #1. Slow and simple is better than fast and complex. Great… Continue reading

Patterns That Served You Well in the Past

Warning: Life’s ruts start feeling like well-worn jeans. Every morning you slip into patterns that served you well in the past. You need a kick in the pants to reignite the adventure. I said:… Continue reading

A Life Changing Experiment Anyone can Do

It might be slow, but complacency is death. The danger of complacency is you don’t see your own smug self-satisfaction. In dying organizations, “I’ve got it all together and I don’t need to change,”… Continue reading

The Question No One Asks Leaders

It was a moment of authenticity that I’ll never forget. I was shocked when General Dempsey, retired Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said, “The question I wish people would have asked… Continue reading

Seven Ways to Not-Know Like a Leader

Pretending you know, when you don’t, makes you intentionally ignorant. Confusion is the point of opportunity, if you have the courage to not-know. Four dangers for all knowing leaders: Pretending you know is an act… Continue reading